My life in Pictures

Fabricio Gatica

Entering the red-light

Describing analog photography in one word, Magic. Through facebook I got in contact with this darkroom club called Prisma. It’s a quite small studio with room for tree people working at the same time, but it is genuine, cozy and not to far from my home, perfect. In one week I spent around 12 hours in the darkroom learning how it works. I have to by more paper.

But it’s a lot of fun and good for me to spend time on my own stimulating my creative and artistic sides. I did prefer to be in the red-light alone with some soft music in the background and the smart phone in Flight Mode, kind of meditating. 

Since I started with analog photography I am actually bringing my camera almost everywhere I go. I don’t mind taking long detours on my way home from school, I feel almost like a kid again going where my curiosity is taking me. The 36 frames roll I forcing me to actually think before taking the picture, I’m getting more aware by the most important thing in photography, light and composition.   

The pinhole camera project is coming along; all the material is bought in and planned in detail. I'm starting the building on Thursday.