My life in Pictures

Fabricio Gatica


Entering the red-light

Describing analog photography in one word, Magic. Through facebook I got in contact with this darkroom club called Prisma. It’s a quite small studio with room for tree people working at the same time, but it is genuine, cozy and not to far from my home, perfect. In one week I spent around 12 hours in the darkroom learning how it works. I have to by more paper.

But it’s a lot of fun and good for me to spend time on my own stimulating my creative and artistic sides. I did prefer to be in the red-light alone with some soft music in the background and the smart phone in Flight Mode, kind of meditating. 

Since I started with analog photography I am actually bringing my camera almost everywhere I go. I don’t mind taking long detours on my way home from school, I feel almost like a kid again going where my curiosity is taking me. The 36 frames roll I forcing me to actually think before taking the picture, I’m getting more aware by the most important thing in photography, light and composition.   

The pinhole camera project is coming along; all the material is bought in and planned in detail. I'm starting the building on Thursday.

Pinhole Camera - The projekt

So, I'm starting this new year with the first post of my new project; making a pinhole camera. So what is a pinhole camera, what’s even a camera? Taking away all the stuff like megapixels, LCD screens, face recognition and full auto mode a camera is simply an empty light tight box with a hole on one side. What gets it through the hole projects on to the counter side inside the box (illustration). To preserve the image projection you need a light sensitive material, for example photographic film, or treated paper or glass.

Now I've been sketching on how my camera is going to look and have for properties. I'm probably going to use a 15mm thick piece of oak. The pinhole camera is made for using 4x5" film and holder. That’s going to give me big negatives, in digital world is around 200 megapixels! The focal length I’ve chosen is 133mm, that’s about 40mm on a full frame DSLR. If I’m satisfied with the construction I’m also going to build a wide-angle camera.

I have some ideas about what I want to photograph with the camera. Because of some technical issues on a pinhole camera it’s necessary to use long exposures, 1-10min. Therefore my objects have to be very still, so I mainly going to photograph landscapes and buildings. I have two projects/ideas/visions going through my mind, one showing the archipelago sights and one about how I see Gothenburg, the harbor, old streets, fortresses etc. 

I’m maybe even making some video tutorials about how to build the pinhole camera and how it works, this is not a promise though. Take care and enjoy 2014! 

Winter swim

Today I went out to Saltholmen, the main land of Gothenburg's archipelago. I go out there some times to get inspiration and peace. Today was mainly to get some inspiration to my pinhole camera projekt (I'm gonna talk more about that later on). When I was rigging up my tripod I saw an old friend of mine taking his clothes of at the shore (I'm wearing my big down jacket, gloves and hat, the temperature is 4°C and pretty windy). I wave to him and ask what he was up to? "just taking a swim". Something he did form time to time. He described the experience in a beautiful poetic way, but I didn't get tempted at all.

2014 - The year of analog Photography

New camera, new start. I have just bought an old Minolta SRT-101b on ebay for 40€ including 3 lenses, one extender and an original bag, ok price! I've always wanted to shoot with film, for me it’s definitely the darkroom experience that I'm looking for. Since my school has a darkroom in the basement I really had to get started. So, now I'm on the 24th frame of a 36 picture roll of Kodak Tmax 400 (B/W) and I'm looking forward to develop and see my pictures appear in the fluids.

A torchlight against racism

This thursday (19/12), around 3000 people gathered in Gothenburg, Sweden, to fight against racism in a friendly (peaceful) way, the demonstration was a beautiful sign that there still is a lot of hope left in people.